Testi CanzoniPRhyme - Respect My Gun (Testo) feat. Roc Marciano

PRhyme – Respect My Gun (Testo) feat. Roc Marciano


Leggi il Testo Respect My Gun PRhyme. “Respect My Gun” è una canzone dei PRhyme estratta dall’EP “PRhyme 2“. Respect My Gun Lyrics

Testo Respect My Gun PRhyme

I am here to make something perfectly clear

Competition fell hard ‘cause I got real bars like barbarians
Y’all looking like Mel Farr, ball-carrying
While I’m chilling abroad
With a broad that’s Bulgarian
With my dick in her jaws, giving her heart failure
Licking it down under like living in Australia
With no feelings involved, like Lauryn Hill, killing her soft
I score at will, but when you this fly, it’s either limit the sky or the unlimited fall
Feel like I’m living the life of the infamous, raw criminal who’s been spinning inside the mirror in the sky
Suspended in time like the General Zod
Connoisseur of the finest colognes, call me the chemical lord
Pure artist, and it’s for sure, dawg, and…

You ain’t gotta respect me
But you better not disrespect my motherfucking gun

God of the semi-automatic, but your ass bet’ not call me no semi-god
I’m sipping on Guinness while sitting in the synagogue, tall-spending, living large
And this to y’all niggas long-winded
I’m getting in my car and I’m skidding off
Convict of brown bricks and raw
I keep the same down chick around different tours
I tore down shit before and now the shit be more
‘Cause now your boy’s sound’s just matured and your shit for clowns, CB4
I don’t know, Rihanna, Rita Ora, either/or
It’d be an honor just to be a fly on either wall
Of these giant divas
Any time you see the dogs, call the hyenas, we at war

You ain’t gotta respect me
But you better not disrespect my motherfucking gun

Facts, I might air you with gats, dump your body out on Fairfax
Played the trap, laid on the air mat before rap, I had the .44 Mag in the velour bag
Bagging bitches, had a bickering back and forth
This ain’t badminton, I had to admit, that shit bad for bu’ness
I like ‘em bad, I seen your women friend get apprehended
It’s clear as wind that I done mastered this pimping
Hopped out the albino rhino, I don’t buy no clothes with rhinestones
I’m too refined, I’m not common folk
Ferragamo robe, my skin rose gold
I was rocking Moto seven years ago, you niggas slow
Just dig the hole and don’t be difficult
I keep the .40 Colt for hoes to get me smoked

You ain’t gotta respect me
But you better not disrespect my motherfucking gun

PRhyme, ride out

You ain’t gotta respect me
But you better not disrespect my motherfucking gun

Testo Respect My Gun PRhyme

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