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Ice Cube - "Everythang's Corrupt" Cover

Leggi il Testo Damn Homie Ice Cube. “Damn Homie” è una canzone di Ice Cube feat. 50 Cent estratta dall’album “Everythang’s Corrupt” (2018). Damn Homie Lyrics

Testo Damn Homie Ice Cube

Damn, homie
In high school you was the man, homie
The fuck happened to you?

I remember you all shucky ducky
You remember me: nigga don’t try’na dub me
We had forth period together
I was rockin’ sway but you was rockin’ leather
You had a pocket full of cheddar
You waved it in my face
I wish my life was better
You was the shit back in highschool
Never went to class, but all the bitches liked you
You used to ditch and say “Bye fool”
Hit the fence, I wanted to be like you
But damn I like learning
The money that I get is the money that I’m earning
Remember I was workin’ around 2 in the morn’
You and your homies clowned a nigga uniform
I laughed it off, like a classy motherfucker
It was good to see you, ashy motherfucker

Was ditchin’ them classes
Was chasin’ them asses
You quiting them jobs
You move like molasses
You don’t give a shit
Unless it is free
So easy, I come naturally

Ice Cube - "Everythangs Corrupt" Cover
Ice Cube – “Everythang’s Corrupt” Cover

Testo Damn Homie Ice Cube