Lil Skies, l'album
Lil Skies, l'album "Good Grades Bad Habits 2"

Leggi il Testo Twenty-Sixteen Lil Skies. “Twenty-Sixteen” è una canzone di Lil Skies estratta dall’album “Good Grades Bad Habits 2“. Twenty-Sixteen Lyrics

Testo Twenty-Sixteen Lil Skies

Ya yuh, aye, these niggas must’ve thought I was a one hit wonder or something, haha, ay

She layed on me like a futon
I ain’t worried ’bout that bitch I got a new one
Stacking money, smoking gas, what are you on?
Always been a real nigga, you a fool one
All these bitches wanna fuck me ’cause I’m up now
Bought a Sprite, I pour the lean up in my cup now
I was looking back, I got it out the mud, wow
You funny style, boy, you knowing I’m a cash cow
I just wanna get the top, she can’t stay the night
I went and bought the Bape, I ain’t care about the price
They see we eating, all we got, they cannot take the slice
I learned from my life, I don’t ever take advice
I was up with my niggas, steady rolling dice
Why these bitches acting funny?
Tell me, is you in it for the money?
Ain’t taking nothing from me
Making sure my brothers never hungry
All about my carrots like a bunny
She want it in her tummy
Mama told me wrap up like a mummy
Smoking Grade-A I’m not no dummy
I just find it funny

Friends always changing over money
2016, I’m that motherfucking nigga you should worry ’bout
I was riding through the 7, bro tote them Mac-11’s
He’ll squeeze it any second, I’m like, “Oh, yeah”
Tell them niggas back up off me now they see my flow is cold
So I play ’em like it’s hockey, they’re like, “Oh, no”
Good grades and bad habits
Now my niggas living lavish
Money turned me to a savage
I don’t give a fuck
And I need that new Mercedes
They look at me like I’m crazy
But I’m screaming, “Fuck you, pay me”
On my own shit
Yeah I put that shit in motion
Niggas hating ’cause I’m loafing
Better watch how you approach us
I am not the one to play with
Everybody on my dick ’cause I ain’t on the same shit
I just had a different vision, y’all be on that lame shit
Shawty fucking with a winner
She just wanna smoke my drugs
I can’t take her out for dinner
I just gave her bomb D
Cheeks blow like TNT
If you ain’t in my circle, nigga you a enemy
2016 I got a lot of goals
Aye, only 17 with a lot of hoes
Aye, asking who you are, boy nobody knows
Aye, I just kept it real, I can never fold

Testo Twenty-Sixteen Lil Skies