Jovanotti - Jovanotti For President (Album)
Jovanotti - Jovanotti For President (Album)

Leggi il Testo The Rappers Jovanotti. “The Rappers” è una canzone di Jovanotti (Lorenzo Cherubini) estratta dal suo primo album “Jovanotti For President” del 1988. The Rappers Lyrics

Testo The Rappers Jovanotti

The rappers, the rappers
The rappers
I’m black n’ white
I do it right
My name is Jovanotti
Wanna start a fight
A fight between the bass
And the beat of the drum
A fight to get busy
A fight to get fun
I wanna talk to you
About the emperators
About the new pumpers
And the dominators
Wave your hands to these names
But don’t forget mine
My name is Jovanotti

I create the crime
Yo, ah ah
The rappers, the rappers
The rappers
LL Cool J very hard n’ bad
He’s the teacher of the master
I really go mad
Run DMC the best around
Jam Master Jay that creates the sound
His name is Grandmaster
The father Blaster
Call him Flash
Cos’ he’s faster n’ faster
Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa
Every DJ, every sucker, every fly guy
Gotta gotta gotta call them def
Tell them yo
Thank you for the rock
Thank you for the roll
Let’s talk about now

Public Enemy
The Def Jam pumpers
That creates the beat
Now come fly sucker
Is now the time
To talk about the number one
The one of a kind
The Def Jam sound
The new dynamite
Beastie Boys are on the mike
Gonna make it right (Yo)
The rappers, the rappers
The rappers
Yo brothers n’ sister, these are the best around
What’s your name?
LL Cool J
Who’s the best DJ?
Jam Master Jay
The number one?
Flash, one time
Cut faster now!
Kurtis Blow
The king of rap
The rappers, the rappers
The rappers
(Pump up the volume…)
(Erik B is on the cut)
(No sleep till…)
(Beastie Boys)
(You’re gonna get yours…)
(Public Enemy number one)
(Peace, unity, love and havin’ fun)
(Clap your hands up, aw, stomp your feet down)
The rappers, The rappers
The rappers
James Brown, Sugarhill Gang
Trouble Funk, Spoonie Gee
Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash
Afrika Bambaataa
Public Enemy, Mantronix
Kool Moe Dee, Run DMC
Beastie Boys, LL Cool J
The rappers

Testo The Rappers Jovanotti