Testi CanzoniLogic - Street Dreams II (Testo)

Logic – Street Dreams II (Testo)


Leggi il Testo Street Dreams II Logic. “Street Dreams II” è una canzone di Logic estratta dall’album “YSIV” (28 settembre 2018). Street Dreams II Lyrics

Testo Street Dreams II Logic

Suddenly I’m in the whip
With the gat, full clip
Out the blue, like a crip
Doin’ 90 on the backroad outta nowhere my girl hit me
On the bat phone
I could hear it in her voice, no she just wasn’t alone
Then a voice I didn’t recognize
Said “If you wanna’ see your wife alive bring a million in cash and she’s gonna survive”
Look at the clock, pitch black, it’s 11:05
Hung up the phone you know I put that shit in Hyper-drive
Than I call my homie 6ix to tell him I’ma need his help
I’ma be outside in five get the gat under ya belt
Then I felt from the sweat from my palm on the steering wheel
I tried to shake it, man, I can’t believe this shit is real
Heart pumping on the 101
This shit right here ain’t no fun
Live and die by the gun
Get you some
Yeah, I pull up to the crib, pick up 6ix, now we out this bitch
Only thing that’s on my mind is “Put this fucker in a ditch”
As soon as I get there, boy I’m lightin’ up that ass I’ma fill him with lead
And they never finna count the cash ‘til I look up at the dash and I realize I’m out of gas
So I stop at the station
Piss like probation
Tell my boy to fill up as I head inside to pay
Open the door and see a white guy at the counter named Clay
Pull out the $50 and told him to hurry
He movin’ slow, like he ain’t got a worry in the world
And the attitude, maybe I was actin’ rude
Hold up, if the person you love was kidnapped what would you do?
He saw my gat and my jacket and froze
I told him I ain’t want no problem
But he chose to reach for the shotty anyway
So I blew him away
Just trynna get some gas now his brain blast (uh)
Frozen thinkin’ about what just happened
Now it’s in the past
Jump in the whip 0 to 60, yeah we out fast
See that red and blue flash, damn the cops is on my ass (*Sirens*)
Hear them sirens, flashing lights in my rear view
This shit like a movie in a theater near you
120 now, I feel like OJ
(The cops are gonna get us)
No they won’t, everything’ll be okay
Swerve left, swerve right
Now they on my status like
Finna pull under the bridge, they won’t spot me here at night
Slow it down, play it cool
Mama she ain’t raised no fool
Sit back breathe slow
(Holy shit) There they go
Man they found us
I don’t know how but they came around us
Fuck the police, no they never do astound us
In the back of my mind I know I gotta get the cash, it’s in my secret stash
I wish I had another path
Out the window I can hear the bullets blast, wish I had a mask (*Gunshots*)
Make it to the crib, that’s my only task
Adrenaline in my body could take on anybody
Coming down to the wire, they blew my tire and then we flip

*Car crash*
Freeze you motherfucker! (*Gunshots*)
6ix come on get up!
I’m shot, I’m shot, what, I’m shot! (*Gunshots*)
Get the fuck on the ground!
Aww fuck
They got me
(*IV beep*)

He’s bleeding slow, blood dripping from his torso
Will he ever get to see his son grow?
What’s the picture they gon’ paint after he go?
Last song he ever sung when the bullet hit his lung
Man I should’ve never called, he’d be alive if he ain’t come
All he tried to do was help save my wife
Wish I could’ve saved his life
I wish I can take it back
Now my best friend’s life curtain call fade to black
It just ain’t no turning back
Pulled out the gat and put a bullet through the man
The blew in and came out his back
Jump in the whip, no looking back
First time in the front seat of that white and black
Side streets through the city, ain’t nobody fucking with me
Yeah you know I had to duck ‘em all
Screaming “Motherfuck the law”
Next thing I saw was a block from my crib
Think about my shorty, she my rib
Pull up in the driveway
No cops in sight but might just somehow pull ‘em my way
Open the stash, get the cash
Now I’m back out so I put the Audi in reverse and then I back out
Look at the addy in the text with my girl whereabouts
Five minutes later now I’m creeping in a warehouse
Lot of goons, lot of guns
Now I’m shooting just for fun
I don’t give a fuck where they come from, I’m killing everyone
Finally make it to the back all alone pitch black
Hear a sound, what was that?
Think it came from over there
Lights on, now I see my wife she’s tied up to a chair
With a gun to her head and a man gripping her hair
All I did was stop and stare
He took the gag out of her mouth and she started calling my name (Bobby!)
But didn’t seem to be in pain, really shaken up (Bobby!)
I felt like I was waking up
So I shot him quick in the neck and he hit the floor
Before I untied her I shot him four more times
Put a bullet in his spine
Was he dead? let’s see
Staring at the man, gun in his hand, it couldn’t be
The man who kidnapped my wife was me

Man get your ass up nigga, we at the studio
Say what?
Damn man. C’mon, hurry up man. What’s wrong with you?
Wake up, here. Come on
Wait, we’re at the studio right now? We’re here already?
Damn man since you started smoking weed you always fucking late
Man shut the fuck up Kev
Stoney Bob neck ass

Logic - "YSIV" Cover
Logic – “YSIV” Cover

Testo Street Dreams II Logic

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