Testi CanzoniBig Scoob - Still Here (Testo) feat. Nowdaze

Big Scoob – Still Here (Testo) feat. Nowdaze


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Leggi il Testo Still Here Big Scoob. “Still Here” è una canzone di Big Scoob estratta dall’album “Duality” 2018. Still Here Lyrics

Testo Still Here Big Scoob

No texts
No calls
My back’s pressed up against four walls
I ain’t say you owe me, act like you don’t know me, nigga
Shouldn’t have to ask you twice if you my homie, nigga
We been through the trenches together when we was down and out
But money makes niggas change is what I’m finding out
Soon as you sign a deal, next thing you making mills
But I’m still living in the field try’na pay these bills
Niggas thought I got the bag and I’ve been holding out
But for real I’ve been down, trapped up in the house
Man my health fucked up
Bills’ still piled up
Homies ain’t pulled up
Niggas ain’t pulled up
Guess I ain’t shit now
They know I ain’t rich now
Niggas love to see me down
Ain’t that a bitch, wow

Instead of self aligned, it’s getting hard to find
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And they enter the turn, their lights shining so bright
Feels like I can’t see your light
But I keep on striving every day and night
Every day
So when the smoke

Testo Still Here Big Scoob

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