Leggi il Testo Santeria Pusha T. “Santeria” è una canzone di Pusha T prodotta da Kanye West ed estratta dall’album “Daytona” (2018). Santeria Lyrics

Testo Santeria Pusha T

…I bring my offering, I will not preach
Awaken my demons, you can hear that man screaming
And I’m no different than the priest, priest


They say that death comes in threes, how appropriate
Triple back, they rush in like Soviets
At the kremlin, searching for the green like a Gremlin
Presidential emblem, presidential tint on this shit that I’m driven in
Woo, I just place orders and drop dollars
Rotweillers roam the ground, the Glock hollers
The three of y’all are too accesible
Seen all the wrong moves, watching the untouchables
We don’t do vegetables, niggas get flatlined
Welcome all beef, then heat ’em with flat irons
Your plans are backfiring
Think of double crossing a priest
Hail Mary, repeat after me

No te vayas

Testo Santeria Pusha T