Leggi il Testo Praying (In My Valours) Bodega Bamz. “Praying (In My Valours)” è una canzone di Bodega Bamz, prodotta da Victor “FLY” Olivares Jr. ed estratta dall’album “PAPI”. Praying (In My Valours) Lyrics

Testo Praying (In My Valours) Bodega Bamz

You see, sometimes you can’t guide certain people
Sometimes people ain’t really tryna hear what you saying out your gibs, you dig? And you can’t take that personal
But shit, I’m from the soil
You know, I’m from where it’s hard, but we play harder
So I had to be tough, you dig?
And I couldn’t let nobody roll on me, I was taught to eliminate
You see, I ain’t have a big homie ’cause I wasn’t tryna listen to them old niggas anyway
I wanted to do shit my own way and make my own path
And school wasn’t what I wanted
I ain’t see myself as a doctor or a lawyer, I’m a gangsta
I traded in books for bars and hooks

Ayo, my stomach rumblin’, I’m hungry but they hid my plate
You know it’s murder when they coming but they hide they face
They tell me sign, I’m like, “but I ain’t tryna seal my fate”
They say “I love you” but I know they only hiding hate
I need my freedom ’cause it’s priceless, man, make no mistakes
I wear my heart on my sleeve, if you real, you must relate
I’m tryna buy a corvette just to race, uh
Crash it up and return it the very next day
I keep my foot on the pedal, my sneaker size nine
One hunnid dollars for the cut, I’m talking high stakes
Salt and pepper when you season, keep it real simple
I wasn’t kidding, been a man since my first pimple
First they hate, then they—you know how it goes
I plant a seed, they got the water just to see it grow
I needed patience ’cause for me, I felt it moving slow
That stupid question, like, “Bodega, why you still ain’t blow?”
Well, sit back and watch the story unfold
Well, what you sell cannot be unsold
I swear, I tried to quit, but music really got control
Of my brain, my heart, my body, even all my bones
My car was full when I started on this bumpy road
I kept on driving, only one left was my brother, O
With no mechanic, when the car broke down, we left alone
We had to fix it on our own, but that’s the price of goals
Just to get the goal, we had to keep our faith secured
So many horses in the engine, you can smell manure
So when it rains, let it rain, let it really pour
’cause when I’m rich, I won’t forget that I was really poor
’cause when I’m up, I won’t forget that I was really down
A rare find, I was lost, but I really found

Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me
You know I really need it, Lord Jesus
Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me
You know I really mean it, yo

I know people who got murdered over dice games
Mother’s shooting dope, son watching Ice Age
This is all I know, this is all I know
This is all I heard, this is all I see
This is all I show
Say a prayer for your boy, what
Say a prayer for your boy, what

I don’t, I don’t need extra bread
I don’t need nobody putting me on or anything
’cause at the end of the day, my nigga, I’m showing for me, bro
And I rep this, my nigga, this Tanboys thing right here, because of y’all, bro
Because of you, my nigga
And I love y’all niggas, bro
And I love y’all niggas and I’m loving what y’all represent
This right here, this right here, I do this for my regular niggas, my nigga
And that goes to show you, my nigga, if I dealing with you, I do it because I love y’all niggas, bro
I don’t do it for nobody else, my nigga
My nigga, Rome Capone, here, ’bout to pop that bubbly, huh?
Oh shit, it’s all good
It’s for the homies, man
Chasing it with the Henny, man

Testo Praying (In My Valours) Bodega Bamz