Testi CanzoniRoyce Da 5’9” - Life Is Fair (Testo)

Royce Da 5’9” – Life Is Fair (Testo)


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Leggi il Testo Life Is Fair. “Life Is Fair” è una canzone di Royce Da 5’9” estratta dall’album di Royce Da 5’9”Book of Ryan“.

Testo Life Is Fair

Royce Da 5’9”

Summertime were the funnest times
Momma used to had to say come inside like a hunnid times
Flat booty, big titty bitches just on they grind
My nigga Moody used to say they was built like the number nine, hah
Wish I could be childish for old times
Either y’all were Tranzor Z or y’all were Voltron
Stole bikes with Ike until the time that he stole mine
Told Mom, she told me what comes ‘round, goes ‘round

Stop, Right (right there)
I never said that life was fair (fair)

Look, we had our best times when momma and papa went out and someone like my auntie would watch us
She just smoked weed and want not to be bothered
We go and leave the house to not be by her
She was our favorite, she never would holler
She get high and give out several dollars
Every time she get the camera she’d tell me to smile knowing damn well I was never no smiler

Stop, Right (right there)
I never said that life was fair (fair)

Hey girl, how you doing? Yeah, Greg’s in there getting dressed, how are the children? I see you got you a new car. …. You know just getting along, gettin ‘along. Ryan is doing well. Uh, girl I gotta go Greg is calling me. It was good talkin’ to you baby. I can’t stand that bitch, ugh

I said stop right there (right there)
I never said that life was fair (fair)

Look, same girl that mama just was talking all fake to
Used to borrow our papers and all of our things
She was always ungrateful, always had bad news
Always into the latest gossip, always was tryin’ to show our father her nudes
That shit not cool, one day we went out in town and they broke the door down on our house and stole all of our food
Stole from us, we ain’t have much more than you

Stop, stop right there
You know when karma catch you, everything in your life goin’ fail
You gon’ be a failure
You gon’ be a failure
Said, you gon’ be a failure
You gon’ be a failure
We gotta move

Testo Life Is Fair

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