Testi CanzoniThe Notorious BIG - Friend of Mine (Testo)

The Notorious BIG – Friend of Mine (Testo)


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Leggi il Testo Friend of Mine Notorious BIG. “Friend of Mine” è una canzone di The Notorious BIG estratta dal leggendario album “Ready to Die“. Friend of Mine Lyrics

Testo Friend of Mine Notorious BIG

Fuck the bitches, fuck all the stank-ass hoes, all my niggas know
Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique, Gucci Don, you know how we play
Fuckin scandalous-ass bitches; you know how it go, Gooch
I meet a bitch, fuck a bitch
Next thing you know you fuckin the bitch
You just pass it around and shit, pass the shit like a cold and shit
Fuck ‘em

Now when I’m fucking off gin I’m invincible
Don’t love no ho, that’s my principle
Cause uh, bitches come [and uh] bitches go
That’s why I get my nut and I be out the fucking door
[You know] they might be the one to set me up
Want to get they little brother to wet me up
That’s why I tote Tecs and stuff to get them off my case
Just in case the little fucker ends up misplaced
I don’t give a bitch enough to catch the bus
And when I see the semen I’m leaving
Bitches be scheming, I kid you not
That’s why I keep my windows locked and my Glock cocked
One ho said (Big, why you so hard on us?
Why you swear all bitches are so scandalous?)
Thug nigga until the end, tell a friend bitch
Cause when I like you, then you go and fuck my friend bitch
[And you know that ain’t right]

You know that ain’t right
With a friend of mine

You see, I don’t sweat these hoes
I keep them in flavors like Timbos and Girbauds
Bitches just like to play the merry-go
(Yeah we know, drop the scenario)
It was me, Dee, the MPV
The blunts and brew thang, knocking some Wu-tang
M-E-T-H-Oh shit, look at them lips and them hips on that bitch
Dee hit the dip, so I can drop my mackadocious shit
Light the blunt clip, and recognize a pimp
Needless to speak, the G’s obsolete
Don’t sleep, banged the skins in a week
On the creep up the avenue
I seen her on the block, who she rapping to?
That’s my nigga Dee, damn he got G
Now she fucking him and fucking me, see
You know that ain’t right

You know that ain’t right
With a friend of mine

Uh now I play her far like a moon play a star
She still sweat me hard cause I’m a rap star
I be cruising up the block, I be passing her
Pimping hard with the female passenger
And the only time I call her to hang
Is when me and Dee blunted up, pissy, scheming on a gang-bang
She should have used her intuition
Then she wouldn’t be classified in that position, listen
She’s saying I dissed her cause I’m fucking her sister
A message to the fellas, that really gets them pissed, uh
But she started that fucking family
She fucked my man Dee, so why she mad at me? (True)
Plus your sister look better than you
Give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you
So break the fuck out like a rash
I’m glad I ain’t spend no cash to hit your nasty ass

Testo Friend of Mine Notorious BIG

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