Testi CanzoniKids See Ghost - Fire (Testo)

Kids See Ghost – Fire (Testo)


Leggi il Testo Fire Kids See Ghost. “Kids See Ghost” è una canzone dei Kids See Ghost (Kanye West e Kid Cudi). Altre info e i testi dell’album “Kids See Ghost“. Fire Lyrics

Testo Fire Kids See Ghost

I love all your shit talkin’, I love all your shit talkin’

You ain’t got nothin’ better to do with yourself
I done proved to myself, back on that rulin’ myself
I got new news to tell, act like you knew you done failed
Only true know how I feel and only if you knew how I felt
Sniffed a lil’ bootch off the nail
Through with mixed-messages, through with the mail
Only a few in the field, little bit off for the real

It’s so many days I prayed to God
All this pain I couldn’t seem to find a way
On a mission livin’, carry on
Got my family, I’m seein’ through by the days
Never late, pull up a seat and come grab a plate
Check the date, let ‘em hate
This the type shit that they couldn’t make, watch the fakes
Leave ’em buzzin’, thought they wasn’t, huh?
Tell all your kinfolk and cousins, huh?
This is the package you ordered, huh? Beautiful madness

On this road I find, hmm-mmm
These scars I left behind, hmm-mmm
Heaven, lift me up, hmm-mmm
Heaven, lift me up, hmm-mmm
On this road I find, hmm-mmm
These scars I left behind, hmm-mmm
Heaven lift me up, hmm-mmm
Heaven lift me up, hmm-mmm

Kids See Ghost (Album)
Kids See Ghost (Album)

Testo Fire Kids See Ghost

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