“Drawn” è il nuovo video dei De La Soul feat. Little Dragon – Guardalo su Hano.it

“Drawn” è il video dei De La Soul, tratto dal loro ultimo LP “…and the Anonymous Nobody”. 

Il video, con il featuring della band svedere Electro Little Dragon ed i vocals della cantante Yukimi Nagano è incentrato sulle vicende di un’artista, che la portano poi al suicidio.

“One, two / Yo, I’m with the paper plate, hold / Too many dreams, a paperweight took a toll / Food on the floor, not on the wasted or knew / Or what’s being pasted and know that it’s not a copy / I own a prize instead of gas prices / Lyrically wonder why I travel past the nicest / Born in a generation that don’t generate patience / I travel too fast for you to clock me (time) / Not always a good thing / You can lose the love of your life to a lifetime of love on tour / I didn’t mean to be a whore but my hormones / Had me like a fiend screamin’ ‘What you got for me?’ / Two words (I’m mortal) / But the fans slid ’em both together and remove the apostrophe / Hip-Hop’s lords maybe but my ways needs laundering / Time’s a-ticking, stop squandering!”