Emilio Rojas -
Emilio Rojas - "Life Got In The Way" Cover

“Crown Of Thorns”, il nuovo video di Emilio Rojas!

Quando !llmind produce, difficilmente il risultato sarà scadente: ennesima dimostrazione di questa teoria è il pezzo “Crown Of Thorns”, il nuovo brano di Emilio Rojas che anticipa il nuovo disco del rapper “Life Got In The Way” in uscita il prossimo 26 Ottobre.

Emilio Rojas è un emcee originario di Rochester, NY che ha già al suo attivo svariate collaborazioni e ben 9 album (tra i quali uno con M-Phazes, uno con Dj Green Lantern).

Emilio Rojas - "Life Got In The Way" Cover
Emilio Rojas – “Life Got In The Way” Cover

Qui sotto la tracklist ufficiale del progetto (prodotto interamente da !llmind), pubblicata dal rapper sul suo profilo Instagram ufficiale: dentro ci troveremo i feat. di Jarren Benton, Hi Rez e Gene Noble.

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The project I’m about to drop is important. If you’re a new fan or a day one fan – here’s a back story: I haven’t put out a project in a long time… too long. A lot of things were going on in my personal and professional life that made me feel like I should wait. I wanted to set everything up right. I wanted to remove the toxic energy from my circle and surround myself with positive people… BUT I was working the whole time. I was working on myself… working on improving my relationships with everyone close to me, building new relationships with like minded and motivated people… and repairing the relationships that might have been strained by the way I dealt with things. That’s why this project is called “Life Got in the Way”. It’s about identifying issues within yourself that you are dealing with – whether you caused them yourself or they were a result of unexpected circumstance, or toxicity beyond your control. It’s about recognizing these things and learning how to process them – and most importantly – it’s about GROWTH. This is my father on the back. My father was a deadbeat. He was abusive… He left my mother and my sisters and me when I was young… but that doesn’t mean he didn’t impact our lives. He was a role model – he taught us about the world by showing us darkness… he set an example for what someone should NEVER aspire to be. This project is about telling that story (in part) and about growing up in environments where we are expected to fail – but somehow managed to find a way and survive. I really hope you love it. I have so much music and so many things to share with y’all. If you’re ready for #LifeGotintheWay on October 26th make sure you preorder on iTunes or presave on Spotify!!! Also click the link in my bio and watch the new video for “Crown of Thorns”. Shoutout to @ghazi @nima_empire @empire @soul7beats for giving this project a home. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!!!

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